Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy & Greatest Revival

Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy & Greatest Revival
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In 1936, during a trip to minister in South Africa, Smith Wigglesworth delivered a prophecy about the greatest revival of all time to a young man named David du Plessis. That revival was a continuation of the Pentecostal Movement into the Charismatic Renewal that is still happening today. Then in 1961, God gave Rev. Tommy Hicks a vision of the next stage of that revival - the worldwide work of "The Awakening Giant" of the Body of Christ as it is given power and spiritual authority of a magnitude that has not been seen since the Book of Acts. In this book, these two remarkable prophecies are recorded and explored so that each of us can connect with what God is planning next for our world in our time. Will you be ready? Studying these prophecies may be the best way to begin preparing to do your part! Paperback, 189 pages.
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