Smith Wigglesworth Apostle Of Faith

Smith Wigglesworth Apostle Of Faith
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"I can never recollect a time," said Smith Wigglesworth, "when I did not long for God." At the age of eight he was attending meetings with his grandmother, "an old-time Wesleyan Methodist." That's when he discovered that "God wants us so badly that He has made the condition as simple as He possibly could-'Only believe.'" It become the theme of his life. He was blessed by God wherever he found himself. Confirmed in the Episcopal church at age nine with the bishop's laying on of hands, Wigglesworth said, "My whole body was filled with the consciousness of God's presence." As a teenager, influenced by "a godly man belonging to the Plymouth Brethren," Wigglesworth was baptized in water. A tireless soul-winner, he worked with the Salvation Army: "We would join together and claim in faith fifty or a hundred souls every week and know that we would get them." Even so, Wigglesworth said, "I would have given a world to he able to speak in a more eloquent way; but like Jeremiah, I was a man with a fountain of fears." A freedom to preach would not come for more than twenty years--after he received another baptism, that of the Spirit and speaking in tongues. But in the meantime, there was the work of a mission, a healing ministry... Such is the remarkable story of Smith Wigglesworth, Apostle of Faith, told here by another early figure of the Pentecostal movement, Stanley Frodsham.

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