INTERPRETING Dr3AM5 by Kathy Campbell
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In Interpreting Dr3AM5; What Everyone Ought To Know About Interpreting Dreams, best selling author Kathy L. Campbell offers an easy-to-use approach to dream interpretation. You will also discover how you can build your own dream interpretation dictionary and learn principles for interpreting dreams and visions. Dream interpretation is an ancient skill that was utilized even in biblical times! Why do we dream? Here is an acronym that helps remind us why we have dreams. Dreams Reveal Essential Applicable Messages Subliminally God does indeed speak to us through dreams and visions just as the Bible says. We in the Western world have not as a whole given much credence to our dreams. We know Joseph and Daniel and others in the Bible understood visions and dreams, and interpreted them for themselves and others. In this book you will learn the answers to these questions: Why do we dream? Is my dream from God? What does my dream mean? Are dreams a legitimate means of guidance? Are there different kinds of dreams? Are dreams literal or symbolic? Can I develop my ability to hear God through my dreams? And much, much more!  Whether you are just beginning your journey into dreams or simply want to understand more about them, Interpreting Dr3AM5 is the perfect guide. 
This book will be a great help to you and encouragement to you as you ponder your dreams and begin glean the nuggets that God is depositing into your life through your dreams. "He who has ears, let him hear!" For Kindle Version Click Here


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