Freedom From High Blood Pressure by Dr. Robert B. Campbell Th.D.

Freedom From High Blood Pressure by Dr. Robert B. Campbell
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In Freedom From High Blood Pressure, Dr. Campbell offers an all-natural treatment program for reversing hypertension.You can find your high blood pressure solution naturally and feel better-naturally! There are over 250,000 Pool of Bethesda books in circulation!

High blood pressure is a common condition that affects one third of all Americans. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease, the number one killer of people worldwide, claiming an estimated 17 million lives each year according to The World Health Organization. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, claims 800,000 Americans die annually from cardiovascular disease. One of every six dollars spent on health care is spent on the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It is estimated that 68 million adults over the age of 18 have high blood pressure and of those only one third are getting treatment, and only half have their blood pressure under control.

In the Freedom From High Blood Pressure book, we will give you the insights and tools needed to overcome this disease.We will tell you what your doctor may not tell you about hypertension. So is there good news? Yes, hypertension is easily treatable (and preventable), and today you can take action to lower your blood pressure. God wants you to be healthy. Now you can have a source of information that will help you become healthier mind, body and spirit.



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Dr. Robert B. Campbell Th.D. is a best selling author and has a passion to see people healed of all disease and illness. He continuously does research on disease and illness looking for common roots and cures to those infirmities. He hosts a regular school of healing and writes extensively. He is the author of numerous books and articles which include "Freedom From Migraines", Freedom From Endometriosis", "Freedom From High Blood Pressure", "Freedom From Acid Reflux", "Freedom From Eczema" "Freedom From Acne", "Freedom From Allergies" and "Freedom From Asthma" and more, with over 250,000 Pool of Bethesda books in circulation. Robert has been married to the love of his life for over 37 years and is the father of 4 and the grandfather of 4.

Testimonies From Others

Worth the Investment and the Read!

Freedom from High Blood Pressure is such a timely book with 1/3 of Americans having this condition. This condition leads to an increased risk of heart disease which kills approximately 17 million people per year. I appreciate the authors treatment of the subject defining the condition, listing it's symptoms, causes, how it affects the body, and it's connection to behavioral factors. He establishes the research confirming the connection between emotions and hypertension, heart disease and the immune system. He also presents a clear case for getting free from this condition by making choices and changes which are in our control to lead us to a life of wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally. I highly recommend investing your resources of time and money to obtain the information which can give you the freedom you need without prescription medications which often carry adverse side affects.

An Interesting Approach

As a physician, I am always looking at alternative medicine options. This is a good read and am interested in testing its application.

I Love it

this is a great book I am a high blood pressure patient...i most definately recommend reading this wonderful book...thank you

Authentic Alternative Medicine!

I'm nearly 70yrs old and the only medication I take is for high blood pressure. I am well aware that, in my case, it's primarily a manifestation of stress and repressed anxiety. Pharmaceuticals are not my first choice, and this book offers a plan to ultimately liberate me from that regimen. “Freedom From High Blood Pressure” is a detailed, well researched and proven Biblical strategy for deliverance from the root causes of, not only hypertension, but many other aliments rooted in fear and rejection etc. I definitely recommend it.

Excellent Resource

This book is an excellent resource, as are the authors other books in this series. The first six chapters contain a wealth of information. Chapters six, seven and eight get right down to the meat of things. If you will learn what is in the first six and do what is in the last three, it will WORK for you. I wholeheartedly endorse this work and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from high blood pressure or to those who never want to suffer from it.

Life changing - health changing!

If you battle High Blood Pressure (HPB) and want freedom from it, this is the book to read!! Get to the "heart" of the matter and explore the spiritual roots. According to ([...] stress is indicated as one of the contributing factors of HPB. There are other factors as well, largely around lifestyle and habits also indicated in this same article. "Freedom from High Blood Pressure" is worth reading and applying - to form a NEW lifestyle through Scripture, prayer and declaration. I've heard the testimonies of people who've applied these teachings, drastically changing their health and obtaining freedom from HPB! Through Christ, ALL things, including freedom from HPB, are possible!


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