Freedom From Endometriosis by Dr. Robert B. Campbell Th.D.

Freedom From Endometriosis By Dr. Robert B. Campbell
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Freedom From Endometriosis, by best selling author Dr. Robert B. Campbell offers a breakthrough endometriosis treatment that brings relief. You can treat endometriosis naturally and feel better-naturally. If you have endometriosis, you will find that our holistic treatment for endometriosis has insights and strategies that actually help eliminate all signs of endometriosis and will help you live endometriosis free forever. We tell you how to implement an endometriosis cure naturally by addressing some common roots to this disease.

Endometriosis is a progressive and debilitating disease, impacting the lives of an estimated 5.5 million women and teenage girls in the U.S. Statistics reveal that endometriosis is more common than AIDS and cancer. Studies indicate that 30 to 40 percent of women with endometriosis are infertile, and many suffered painful periods as teens. An estimated 77 million women worldwide have endometriosis. In the Freedom From Endometriosis: What Everyone Ought To Know About Endometriosis book, we will give you the insights and tools needed to overcome this health issue.We will tell you what your doctor may not tell you about endometriosis. Is there good news? Yes, endometriosis is treatable, and today you can take action to alleviate and eliminate your endometriosis and pelvic pain and endometriosis symptoms, as well as live endometriosis free. God wants you to be healthy. Now you can have a source of information that will help you become healthier in mind, body and spirit. There are over 250,000 Pool of Bethesda books in circulation!


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Dr. Robert B. Campbell Th.D. is a best selling author and has a passion to see people healed of all disease and illness. He continuously does research on disease and illness looking for common roots and cures to those infirmities. He hosts a regular school of healing and writes extensively. He is the author of numerous books and articles which include "Freedom From Migraines", Freedom From Endometriosis", "Freedom From High Blood Pressure", "Freedom From Acid Reflux", "Freedom From Eczema" "Freedom From Acne", "Freedom From Allergies" and "Freedom From Asthma" and more, with over 250,000 Pool of Bethesda books in circulation. Robert has been married to the love of his life for over 37 years and is the father of 4 and the grandfather of 4.

Testimonies from others 

Healed and pregnant!

After 10.5 years of marriage, and being given no hope from the doctors for 'natural conception', I decided to dedicate a few months to the principals in Dr. Robert Campbell's book. I found much truth in his insight into endometriosis.

My husband and I had gone through years of surgeries and procedures after finding out in 2010 that I had upper-stage 3 endometriosis. The medical community could do nothing for me at that time except try and help me conceive to 'kill off' the endometriosis (which is hormone fed) to which we suffered the loss of 4 babies early term. We battled through polyps, fibroids, common cysts and endometrium cyst along with excruciating pain emotionally and physically. Years later, we purchased Dr. Campbell's book at a conference and dedicated a few months to its principals. I’m pleased to say that this February (2014), we found out we were naturally pregnant (with less than 1% chance, according to the doctors) for the first time in our lives with our miracle baby. And now we are almost through our first trimester and feeling amazing. Alongside the physical healing, I found I was more free emotionally because of the book.

Thank you Dr. Campbell for your dedication to freeing women's bodies as well as their minds and emotions and caring enough to write about what some would call 'sensitive issues'!

Nothing to lose but so much to gain!

I can't say enough about the positive impact Dr. Robert Campbell's "Freedom from..." series from the Pool of Bethesda Healing has had on the lives of others and my own personal life. After addressing the spiritual root of rejection, a hump in my neck (scoliosis between the shoulder blades) was instantaneously healed. I no longer have a large hump and mass there which was an eyesore, painful and embarrassing. I do not have endemetriosis; however, I've had other conditions that through these teachings and applying them, I've obtained healing...(scoliosis, migraines, stress no longer controlling me, fears I used to have are gone). If you have endemetriosis, it is more than worth the time to read this book. I keep going back to, what do you have to lose?

Great to read even if you don't have endometriosis

I can personally say that these books are amazing because I've already read them! My pastor actually wrote these. I certainly benefitted from them because of my own struggles with anxiety that I've learned to overcome. Anxiety is a root to many diseases, including the ones in the books above. These books give powerful Biblical reminders that can help anyone live free of these ailments!!!

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