CD Secretariat, God Wants To Give You An Enlarged Heart (2 CDS)

Secretariat, God Wants To Give You An Enlarged Heart CD
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What is the greatest gift that God could give you? Paul Keith Davis shares insights from the incredible, impossible story of Secretariat.

Secretariat (March 30, 1970 – October 4, 1989) was an American Thoroughbred         racehorse, who in 1973 became the first U.S.  Triple Crown champion in twenty-five years, setting new race records in two of the three events in the Series—the Kentucky Derby (1:59 2/5), and the Belmont Stakes (2:24)—records that still stand today.

In the fall of 1989, Secretariat was afflicted with laminitis, a painful and often incurable hoof condition. When his condition failed to   improve, he was euthanized on October 4 at the age of 19. A necropsy revealed that his heart weighed 22 lbs. which was about two-and-a-half times as large as that of the average horse.

Discover the incredible power of asking God for an enlarged heart! 


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